Study frontrunners visits in Austria – Vorarlberg

Study frontrunners visits in Austria – Vorarlberg

Association proHolz Styria together with Holzcluster Steiermark promoted a 3 days study tour to the westernmost province of Austria. Vorarlberg is a well-known area for famous timber construction, wooden facades and use of wood in the interior.
The tour was fully booked and on the participant list there were mayors, architects, company owners as well as city planners and other decision makers.

Public as well as private buildings were visited. One special point in the program was the renew school project information during the on-site visit at secondary school in Doren.

The school director, mayor and architect were on site to proudly explain the whole renovation process from the beginning. Main aspects of the retrofit were, to get a better inside climate of the school and to reduce long term energy costs, which was very important for the community.

To downsize the energy use, renewable energy systems in combination with a new high performance lighting and ventilation concept is given. During renovation period, the outer surface was covered with prefabricated wooden elements including insulation. This reduced the heat demand permanently.

The new comfortable and healthy conditions inside classrooms are giving perfect conditions for children and teachers. With special mobile furniture classrooms can be converted from usual ones into an open working space or some other new learning surroundings.

The 38 participants were impressed with the successful renovation concept and discussed a lot about.

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