Lesson on Renew School at Udine University

Lesson on Renew School at Udine University

“Details for passive buildings: the passive house construction standard over the last few years and refurbishment of existing buildings according to passive standards” was the topic of the lesson held on 18th January by Informest within the master Course on Advances in Building Constructions of the Department of Engineering and Architecture of Udine University.

The lesson, in English language, was introduced by Professor Anna Frangipane, that gave students hints and references with main topics treated during previous lessons.

Ms Lia Gover from Informest continued the lesson with a general presentation of Informest and of main aims and activities developed within the Renew School project and then Mr. D’Agostino gave details and a technical overview on main technologies used in the construction and renovation of frontruners, mentioning students also some regional legislative controls and regulations that must be taken into account in the designing phase, as the seismic legislation.

The lesson continued with a comparison on materials used in the different frontruners, and with technical explanations on differences that the use of different materials can have in the long period.

Students thanked Informest personel for the presentation, and expressed great interest for the project.

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