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NEW brochure about the sustainable school buildings in Europe with prefabricated timber elements

Each of the 10 school buildings described in this brochure has been analysed in the EU-project RENEW SCHOOL in order to learn from it. Each of it is commendable in its own way.

School Owners


your guide to well-informed decisions

If your school is in need of renewal, then you must not forget to make some fundamental choices. Making the right choice is often not obvious. With Renewschool-tool we want to support you in making an objective, better informed choice.

School Owners

Short time


With prefabrication technologies construction works on site do not take much time: the school renovation can be completed during summer holidays. Thus, pupils do not need to move to temporary facilities for their classes.

School Owners

Lower costs


Comprehensive school renovation measures decrease the energy use and footprint of the school keeping the running costs low and the quality high. Prefabricated elements allow a good access to integrated installations from the outside what makes repair and maintenance easy.

School Owners

Energy efficiency


In sense of nearly zero energy biuldings (nZEB), optimal building insulation combined with appropriate energy supply substantially reduce energy costs.

School Users

Wood is good


The use of local renewable building materials (timber) – preserves the quality of life in rural areas, safes jobs and boosts the local economy. Its life cycle gives timber a competitive edge that is difficult to match: It is produced in the forest, its processing does not consume many resources, and at the end of the useful life it can even be used as fuel and energy source.

»School renovations: Quick – affordable – green and healthy«

Our mission is to downsize the energy use of schools significantly. At the same time create and secure comfortable and healthy conditions for the pupils and teachers. This should be done by school renovations using quick and sustainable technologies like prefabricated timber elements for the constructions and renewables for the energy supply. This will be reached by transfer know-how and promote prefabricated timber elements, intelligent ventilation, shading and renewable energy systems - all logical solutions of school renovations. We will facilitate networking, exchange and training activities between research, companies, school owners and financiers.


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Users of Schools

Information and service for school users like pupils, teachers, caretakers and principals. Good indoor climate -> health and well-being!

Professional Service

Information and service for building professionals as architects, construction companies and craftsmen.

Owners of schools

The school owners and financiers like municipalities, local, regional and national governments or companies managing them.